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GDS codes and linksBlattl Hotels in Munich

Ho­tel­ na­meCityAma­de­usApollo/GalileoSabreWorld­span
Hotel Per­lach AlleeMunichUI MUCG­PAUI 13391UI 63164UI 43314
Villa WaldperlachMunichUI MUCAPDUI AA538UI 150132UI 00639

Expansion & DevelopmentBlattl Hotels are expanding and growing their collaborations!

The ‘budget design trend’ is bringing waves of new guests to the Blattl Hotels (formely Golden Leaf Hotels & Residences). Why is that? It’s very simple. Whether they are traveling on business or holiday, in their own countries or internationally, guests still appreciate hotels that satisfy all of their requirements, without just being ‘chic’. Who needs a washbasin in their room, especially next to the desk? Nobody, in fact. This is what used to prompt people to pick a hotel instead of a hostel. Seemingly, though, the back to basics style is all the rage. Is this why guests book into motels instead of a hotel? We don’t know to what extent it might be so. What we know for certain is that lots of ‘budget design’ and motel customers are suddenly flocking to the Blattl. Many of them because of our Top Facts. Many more come because of the apparently banal benefits: the cupboards have doors, the bathrooms as well, the desks are pleasantly spacious, the flat screen TVs big, the Wi-Fi works throughout the house, and if a guest ever has difficulties, there’s 24-hour telephone support right on hand.

But not that we create the wrong impression here. Blattl Hotels are everything other than stuck-in-the mud or opponents of good design. We certainly claim to be au fait with the latest trends, perhaps even one step ahead. We would be delighted to include a design hotel in our portfolio. But we will insist, in the interests of our guests, that they find all the things that makes them book with us ... to make every day a good day!

The Blattl Hotels cooperation division is looking to manage, lease or buy:

  • Hotels (Hotel garnis are particularly welcome), apartment hotels or boarding houses with 40 to 200 rooms,
  • situated in cities with 100,000 residents and more, ideally in MunichStuttgartFrankfurtHamburg or Salzburg

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