The philosophyof Blattl Hotels

Individuality & personality

... are our priority. That's why we deliberately put the umbrella brand in the second row with "by Blattl" and leave the hotel name to the main role. So the individual peculiarities of the respective house can stand in the foreground and must bend no chain constraints. That is what should distinguish us from many other hotels. You do not come to us because we already exist in New York or Singapore, in Hamburg or Cologne, but because each hotel is unique and fits the respective location. Blattl hotels are "well located", although this of course depends on where you want to go in the city and what location factors play the biggest role. In the middle of the city at pulsating hotspots like the Lehel, very close to the Big Player companies in Perlach or wonderfully quiet and yet "well located" in our "Villa". Exactly these different characters reflect our individual hotels and thus transport the Blattls personality as well as those of our employees.

Confidence & reliability

... is what we want to give you, because we are more than a simple private hotel. Every house benefits from our standards that have been worked out over the years, which flank the individual advantages of each hotel. Our "Soft & Hard Facts" should give you a small overview. In our eyes the focus of each overnight stay should be a good sleep. Therefore, we hope that you have always been "well bedded" in our Box Spring beds and this is one of the reasons you come back to us as a regular. In addition, we strive to constantly develop ourselves, to question standards and to develop ourselves to your wishes in your interest.

Top 10 Hard FactsRecurring values that you will notice and that connect all Blattl Hotels.


Comfort class with individuality and personality!


City location or direct connections by public transport to the city center or to the company


Box spring beds with double mattress construction in all hotel rooms for the best sleeping comfort (concept and mattress types from the luxury hotel industry)


Top modern flat TVs at least 26 inches with many free and multilingual programs in over 10 languages


Up to 50 free international radio stations *


Spacious club rooms, studios and suites for special needs and guests, or partly for long-term stays


non-smoking and allergy-friendly rooms


Underground and / or parking spaces available in all hotels


Gastronomic supply by external specialists (no standard hotel restaurant!) In the house and in the immediate vicinity


Free services in the lobby: coffee, tea, fruit or pastries, daily newspapers and / or magazines as well as the Blattl Hotel Library

* the Hotel Perlach Allee Hof has several hundred channels

Top 5 Soft FactsNot touchable but still noticeable and to be found in all Blattl hotels.


each Blattl Hotel exudes a particular individuality, as well as its inherent, also regional character


Compliance with supra-regional and high standards in all hotels


Outstanding value for moneyand attractive rates for companies, early birds, long-term guests, groups and weekend visitors, as well as great online deals


Top support for corporate customers and regular guests with attractive extras, individual customer get-togethers and many more surprises


Blattls Club and Blattl Kids Club with many advantages & our "Spezl"

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